SARASOTA - Sarasota is holding a Call to Artist where they’re hoping to find sculptures to beautify two separate roundabouts within the city. Leslie Butterfield with Sarasota's Public Art Committee is excited about the prospects.

“Any sculptor anywhere in the United States, anywhere in the world who sees the call to artist can submit their ideas," Butterfield said.

The City is able to tap into its public funding resources provided by developers in order to continue to enrich Sarasota’s streets with diverse works of art. The two winning sculptures will be a permanent fixture at future downtown roundabouts.

"The point of roundabouts is to slow traffic down and make people more aware.  So, therefore having art is one more way to have people slow down as their driving to take a moment to view what’s around them," Butterfield said.

They City’s Public Art Committee will be heavily involved in the process of choosing the sculptured pieces while maintaining transparency with the public before submitting to the city commissioners for a final decision. Arts Center Sarasota Director Lisa Berger feels the more art the better.

“My concern always is that you have the best quality work and the least obtrusive. Our community should reflect that we are an arts community and we appreciate having art. And we want our guests, and visitors and residents and everybody to have more art in their lives," Berger said.

Eligible artist will have until Feb. 28 to submit their designs that meet city and Florida Department of Transportation criteria.