SARASOTA - "He was by far the very best announcer, anybody has ever heard," Brian Knobbs former World Wrestling Entertainment Tag Team champion.

The famous WWE broadcaster "Mean" Gene Okerlund passed away Jan 2nd in his Sarasota home according to the WWE.

Several wrestling legends paid their respects via twitter after learning of "Mean" Gene's death. Including chairman of the WWE Vince McMahon.

Former wrestler Knobbs was one of the many friends and family to come and pay respect to "Mean" Gene at the Waterfrontoo restaurant in Nokomis.

"Mean Gene was that great of a guy, and he had such a big heart. We had to come and pay our respects to one of the greatest ever," says Knobb.

Manager of the Waterfrontoo, Eric Lagopoulos says having "Mean" Gene stop in was always the highlight of the night.

"Mean Gene was a staple at the Waterfront restaurant; he would greet and say Goodnight to every customer that left here," says Lagopoulos

Lagopoulos says his father and Mean Gene were best friends for more than 30 years and visited the restaurant frequently — and that "Mean" Gene always had time for his fans.

"Mean Gene was such an amazing guy, he would stop what he was doing he would stop eating to sign autographs or take pictures with anyone who wanted one with him, so he was really an amazing guy," he says.

To many wrestling fans "Mean" Gene will be remembered for being one of the bests behind a mic.

"I'll tell you one thing when he got together and you got together with Mean Gene you were smiling when you left," says Knobb

Here at the Waterfront he'll be remembered for being one of the best customers.

"I love him forever, I'll miss him forever," says Knobb. "I love you Mean Gene, stay Nasty baby!"