MEXICO CITY - Home to historic landmarks dating as far back as the Aztec era, Centro Historico is Mexico City's beating heart.

It's one of many popular sites to visit in Mexico. "We find ourselves here at the belly of the Moon, The grand plaza," says Don Arias an Aztec cleansers and dancers

Downtown Mexico City is otherwise known as El Zocalo. Here you can learn more about traditional Mexican culture.

The area draws tourists to museums and iconic buildings like the national palace and the cathedral metropolitana de la Ciudad México which has been around for more than 400 years.

"It has come that recently there's been a rescue of the traditional culture from generation to generation," says Arias.

Arias is one of the many Aztec cleansers and dancers known as concheros - that are found all around the Zocalo. "We dance, in other spaces we play a ball game, the Mesoamerican ball game played with the hip," he says.

Arias has only been a conchero for a couple months and says passing down tradition to the next generations is what's important to him.

"In reality we didn't save the ball game, we didn't rescue the culture, we didn't rescue the dances. The dances, the culture, the ball game rescued us for us to spread the culture," says Arias