PALMETTO- A Palmetto Couple is ringing out the New Year on land after spending most of the year on the water. After 25 years of marriage, Jody and Tom Goldman took the trip of a lifetime, a 9 month journey on their 25 ft. boat “The Braveheart.”

“And there’s no blood on the walls, laughs.” Goldman said.

Over the 9 months they saw coastlines in two countries and 19 states, staying at 137 marinas along the way.

“We went down to Fort Meyers,” Tom said. “Across the Okechobee waterway, then up the eastern coast to the Hudson in New York, up to Montreal down the St. Lawrence Seaway, through the Great Lakes, down the Mississippi, over to the Tom Bigby and across the Gulf.”

Tom says along the way they learned a lot about history, and about what all of North America has to offer.

“The diversity in the towns and the marinas that we stayed in,” Goldman said. “Everything from little marinas that looked like they could have been in the movie deliverance, to the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City.”

Along the way they repaired the ship, faced different kinds of weather and became better boaters.

“Every stop we made was a new challenge for anchoring or docking,”  Jody said. “Or do we go in bow first or stern first, every body of water had a different challenge.”

In all 270 days they never got sick of the water,

“Actually we only spent one day off the boat,” Jody said. “Every other night we slept on the boat, half the time we did cooking on the boat, and the other half we’d meet other loopers at restaurants.

And they only rarely got sick of each other.

“If you have a problem you learn to work it out in a hurry because there’s no place to go,” Tom said. “Although she has threatened to put me in a dingy and drag me along behind the boat.”

 For more information on their journey you can visit their blog