SARASOTA COUNTY- “For CBD Coffee Hour, we give customers the chance to either have a dropper into their coffee,” says Nicole Leffler.

 A spoonful of sugar and a drop of CBD, Wild Ginger Apothecary partnered with Clever Cup Coffee Shop to serve coffee with a twist.

Unlike any other happy hour, owner of Wild Ginger Apothecary, Nicole Leffler says their CBD Coffee Hour offers the community the chance to learn about cannabidiol, a natural chemical compound in hemp, and sample it in their coffee.

“It’s just a way to experiment with trying CBD and how it affects your body, as well as enjoying it with a cup of coffee at the same time,” said Leffler.

Leffler says drinking coffee with CBD is safe, legal and even has health benefits.

“It’s a great alternative to support pain anxiety, stress, sleep, inflammation and a number of other different issues,” said Leffler.

CBD Consultant, John Moore takes his CBD with coffee to help with his anxiety.

“I love my coffee I know that I got to limit it to two cups in the morning, but CBD does help counteract the caffeine in coffee and helps balance yourself out as an adaptogenic, it helps get the mellow level,” said Moore.

Marcia Morce had been taking CBD for more than two years to manage pain. She attends every CBD Coffee Hour and says it’s been life-changing.

“I had a little bit of an accident and it has totally helped with everything,” said Morce.

Wild Ginger Apothecary hosts the coffee hour every Friday.

“You get to learn about the CBD,” said Morce. “You get to meet some great people and get some great advice and it’s all free. Why not?”