Not too often do you hear about a professor on the Suncoast who has their book translated and published into Chinese.

University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee can lay claim to this as professor of professional and technical communication Wilma Davidson authored the book titled Business Writing: What Works, What Won't third edition.

Davidson says her publisher received an inquiry from overseas to have the book written in Chinese.

The book got published in the spring of 2018 and copies have been sold abroad in English.

She says the foreign attention the book received flattered her.

"I was gratified to realize that other professionals out there who are in the book industry felt that this book out of all the others on the topic of better writing saw my book as a book that another culture could benefit from."

Davidson quotes Leonardo Da Vinci when you write in business simplicity is the ultimate sophistication in other words to be impressive you need to be clear.