SARASOTA COUNTY- The Butler Family searched high and low for Jimmy Butler after he disappeared on his way home November 18th. Their search came to a heartbreaking end.

“This is the worst case scenario,” said Reid Butler. “This is every parent worst nightmare, but we’re happy to have him back, and he’s with the Lord now.”

Butlers’ body was found on the shoulder of I-275 south, north of 54th Avenue South in Pinellas County, Thursday. Jimmy’s father, Reid Butler says that moment is blur.

“I lost it,” said Butler. “I don’t remember the phone. He’s gone, that’s all I know.”

Butler says the love and support his family has received is overwhelming.

 “He’s everyone’s jimmy. I want everyone to know I appreciate everyone’s help,” said Butler.

One person the Butler’s cannot thank enough…  co-founder of the 941Riders, Matthew Morrison who  organized search groups and spent more than 40 hours searching for Jimmy, on foot.

“I exhausted every possible resource that I had available to me, and I still didn’t find him,” said Morrison.

Jimmy’s absence, deeply felt within the 941Riders.

“His smile, his presence, him just being there, to be honest, I can’t stop thinking about his family, his little girl, his parents his girlfriend,” said Morrison.

The Butler Family say losing someone is a part of life, but searching for them is not, although this was their worst outcome, they say they’re relieved.

“I don’t know how we move forward, I don’t know. We are hanging in there,” said Butler.