SARASOTA- Local Businesses are hoping you saved some room in your wallet after Black Friday for Small Business Saturday. They’re offering special deals for people continuing their holiday shopping.

“They’ll be a special gift with every purchase,” Corinne Bates said. “No matter how large or small.”

“Lots of Small Business Saturday deals,” Nicole Leffler said. “We’ve got a number of CBD items on buy one get one, we’ve got 50% off a huge amount of Holiday Clearance.”

Corinne Bates, owner of Blind Dezign Décor and More, says small business offer more than the big box store or online retailers.

“You’re not going to get the customer service,” Bates said. “You’re missing out on that one on one interaction, the customer service, the little specialty items you’re just not going to find online. The locally made artisans that bring in this beautiful crafted stuff.”

Wild Ginger Apothecary Owner Nicole Leffler says shopping small helps them grow and hire more local employees.

“We have a community of health and wellness,” Leffler said. “So we’re supporting about 100 different practitioners, teachers, and staff members that come in and out of here during the period of a year.”

Store like Scandinavian Gifts offer items that you can’t find in any of the large retailers.

“Our specialty is Danish Kringles,” Pamela Stepsky said. “And all the nice cookies and candies and all the things that make a person’s smorgasbord special for Christmas in Scandinavia.”

The British Corner Shop Owner Kathy Wilson says she’s hoping business picks up this holiday season.

“It’s been kind of a rough year here in Sarasota because of the Red Tide,” Wilson said. “Summers are always slow, but this year it’s been especially slow, so we’re really hoping for a wonderful Christmas season.”

Store owners are hoping people go out and visit many of the area stores, especially ones they’ve never been to before.