Four members of the Sarasota varsity Crew girls’ team are moving on to the next chapters of their lives Wednesday as they sign on with their new university's rowing teams.

A monumental moment for these girls as Ava Vandroff and Bethany Newcomb will take their talents to Louisville.

Christina Strates will go across the state to the University of Miami while Madeleine Palmer goes north to Boston College.

All are looking forward to what lies ahead.

"It's really exciting because now I finally know where I am going, and I'm just excited to continue my journey with rowing and my education at Louisville, "says Ava Vandroff.

"I've dedicated a lot of time and effort over the past six years and committing to Louisville has shown me that it all paid off, "says Bethany Newcomb.

"Like I've done this sport for five years and now it's paying off because as I finally know I can continue on in the future rowing cause that's what I love to do, "says Christina Strates.

"I think this is just like the coming together of all my hard work over the years and all the support from my family and the coaching staff.  I know it's just a really important moment for everyone involved really including myself, " says Madeleine Palmer.


Big day today on the Suncoast as high school baseball and volleyball players also signed with their new collegiate teams.