Shards from a coffee mug send two women to hospitals after they fight at a school bus stop Monday in North Port.

North Port Police department says the altercation took place at the intersection of Aero Ave. and Eager Street just after 7:30 A.M.

One woman grabbed the other woman and used a coffee mug to hit the other off the head.

Pieces went everywhere and each had pieces using either to attack or defend themselves.

Bayflite air lifted one of victims to Sarasota Memorial Hospital and an ambulance transported the other to the North Port Emergency Room.

One of the victims suffered significant lacerations to the neck and the other had some wounds on the arm.

"A witness says one of the women is pregnant and North Port public information officer Josh Taylor says the conflict had been brewing for the past couple of days.Basically a kid was doing something women A says hey don’t do that you shouldn’t be doing that. Women B goes hey you shouldn’t talk to the kids like that and that kind of got them off the wrong foot.  I guess they didn’t like each other very much after that."

The investigation is ongoing and charges are still pending.