SARASOTA- Sarasota County residents are asking the county commission tonight to take another look at their Airbnb rental regulations because they could be discouraging tourists from coming to the county.

Chad Waites started hosting on Airbnb about a year ago, and he says dealing with the county is starting to ruin one of his favorite places.

“Now every time I go over that bridge,” Waites said. “Which was amazing, is a knot in my stomach and I don’t even want to go.”

Waites says he is not allowed rentals less than 30 days on his property and is facing violations for advertising his rental as 30 days or less.

“Families are not coming for 30 days,” Waites said. “I could never afford a 30 day vacation, not many people can, so to expect a family of 8 to come for 30 days minimally is really not ideal.”

Waites says week-long rentals are allowed in the City of Sarasota and on Anna Maria Island, bringing the tourists outside of the county.

“I’m not asking for this to be a free for all and for us to be able to rent however we want to,” Waites said. “I’m asking to regulate it, but allow it.”

Waites is asking the county to review these regulations to help renters and business… especially when red tide is already driving people away.

“There trying to crack down on something that’s making them money,” Waites said. “And helping all the businesses on Siesta Key, survive and thrive, and they are dead down there right now.”