VENICE – Most moms and dads brag about their kids. I mean, as much as the kids might get embarrassed by it, it’s kind of our job to do so, right? Well, one mom put that pride, and love, into a video and now her baseball playing son is drinking the rewards.

Peter Liakakos loves baseball. You can see it just in how he decorates his bedroom. And he’s good at it. The 13–year–old plays for the Florida Burn travel team for which he has to stay hydrated. He found what he thinks is the perfect sports drink. BODYARMOR.

“We saw it in the grocery store”, says his mother Holly Barabas. “We tried it and it tasted great, plus it had all these great vitamins and minerals.”

From there, his mom Holly heard about the Next BODYARMOR Athlete contest. Contestants send in a video about why their nominee is worthy. For Peter, his baseball prowess is just the tip of the iceberg.

“I made the video out of pics of Peter playing baseball, and mentioning is baseball stats”, continued Holly. “But I also mentioned the fact that he is a straight–A student, he is a Young Marine, he volunteers his time. All of this in addition to baseball.”

Out of thousands of entries, Peter was selected as the Grand Prize winner.

“He won a year’s supply of BODYARMOR drinks”, explained his proud mom. “He also gets a lot of SWAG, like an autograph of the Cub’s Anthony Rizzo, a cooler, some cool sweats and shirts. Plus, he got to meet Red Sox All–Star Mookie Betts.”

Peter, his mom says, is a pretty grounded kid, and he keeps it low key, but he was going to be drinking BODYARMOR anyway, and now he gets to drink it for free.