SARASOTA – Former Venice Head Football Coach John Peacock emailed me a public apology that he has issued. He was fired one month ago today, and this is the second apology letter he has written, but this one included the apology, an admittance that he has seen the error of his ways, AND the fact that he has been working with the school’s administration to improve himself as a teacher, coach, and a person. This leads me to believe that a reconciliation is in the works. Administration was unreachable for comment. The apology letter in full can be found at the end of this article.

Meanwhile, the Sarasota Sailors have a new head coach, and a new attitude apparently. Spencer Hodges coaching in his first game as the new head coach. The Sailors hosted Gulf Coast for their spring game Thursday night.

The sailors scored seconds into a game that was delayed 20 minutes by torrential rain. A jet sweep by speedster Charles Ward went the distance for a 7-0 Sailors lead. The defense did their part as, on the next drive, Kyle Manitz makes a TD saving tackle. The Sharks settled for a FG. Manitz later had a big interception and return.

QB Tyler Hill has a big arm, and he likes to show it off. Here he’s looking for Ward, but Ward got tripped up which led to a pass interference penalty.

Then Hill looks deep for Keandre Collins, but the pass was just out of reach.

They definitely are trying to get their speed–burners the ball in space. Ward almost tippy–toes down the line. They had a TD from the offense, one from special teams, and several forced turnovers in an impressive 23–17 Sailors win.

PEACOCK PUBLIC APOLOGY: “Since being terminated from Venice High School as the head football coach, I have done a considerable amount of self-reflection on my behavior and actions that have led me to this point. My termination had a negative effect on my family, friends and our community. I now understand and take responsibility for my actions. I accept why our administration chose to dismiss me.

I have been working with our administration on being a better coach, teacher, mentor and colleague. I apologize that I have put our administrators in such a precarious situation when they should be focusing on the issues that affect the best interests of our students.

Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Ritter, and Coach Dombrowski are continuing to support me in this process. Together we have invested a considerable amount of time into developing a plan of action that will help me restore my image and our sports programs(sic).”