VENICE – Last night at the Venice Indians baseball banquet, the voice of the Indians, Ray Sinibaldi, told of Bill Russell’s unrivaled calendar year in 1956. His senior year at u of san Francisco he won an NCAA basketball title, then that summer he won an Olympic gold medal before joining the Celtics as a rookie and winning the first title in the teams’ history.

Well, Indians head coach Craig Faulkner, has had a 3–month stretch like that. He was named the State 7A Coach of the Year in HS baseball Thursday afternoon. He just led Venice to its 5th State Title on June 1st Just weeks prior he was elected to the Florida HS Hall of Fame, and in July, he will be inducted.

These are pictures of the Venice Baseball banquet last night as they celebrated their season that ended in the 5th state title for the Indians and Faulkner since 2007.

Player parents Lisa Guscette and Nick Doyle made a beautiful video and musical tribute of the season before the dinner, which was held at the Venice Yacht Club.

Also, Sarasota Sailors’ head coach Clyde Metcalf was second in voting for the State 8A Coach of the Year in high school baseball.