SARASOTA – Chris Hannon, a Sarasota High School football coach and former NFL player creates camp 941.

“When I was growing up, I didn’t have money to give to trainers so I wanted to give my community the opportunity to come out and get the training from professional trainers and professional athletes,” said Hannon.

More than 50 people attended his free one day camp for ages 4-18 at the Robert L. Taylor Center.

Sarasota Native, Amarri Jackson, played football for Riverview High School and the University of South Florida before becoming a Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

He, along with Marlon Mack, a current running back for the Indianapolis Colts, remembers being young athletes like the kids participating in Camp 941.

“I was one of these kids and just them throwing these camps when I was growing up was very important to this community. So me seeing it really helped me excel and go to the next level. Now we wanna put back into these kids and I think it’s helping them a lot too,” said Jackson.

“Seeing guys come back and doing their camps back when I was younger it was always good to see the NFL guys and ask them questions. So it’s always good to come back and help the kids,” said Mack.

Dumaka and Baraka Atkins coach football at Booker High School and had their own football careers after going to high school in Sarasota.

The Atkins brothers are happy to be a part of growing the next generation.

“Something that I feel obligated almost to give back here to the community and the kids here who are aspiring to or want to do anything in football,” said Baraka.

“When me and Chris and my brother Baraka were coming up we were going to the Pat Carter and Tim Johnson football camps. To see successful guys who are doing or have accomplished what you want to do, it’s invigorating,” said Dumaka.