SARASOTA COUNTY – The Riverview High School football team will be showcased in a Hard Knocks style documentary.

Riverview alum Jay Haren and Vibe Chaos Productions set up their equipment as they will team up to create the story.

Vibe Chaos Productions says they want to tell a story of the Rams before they get to the football field.

This will be the first project of its kind for the tandem.

Vibe Chaos Productions John Vargues and Haren say the story goes much deeper than athletics.

“Search for a why. Why the players play? You know why the coaches are doing what they are doing? Just more than athletics you know,” says Vargues.

“Tell us your story let’s get let’s not just get on the field Friday night. Let’s get in the weight room, let’s get in the locker room, let’s get pre–game meal, you know let’s get some of the great financial people they bring in to talk to the kids about their future,” says Haren.

Haren says the documentary will air in about a month.