VENICE – Developed in Australia in the 1960’s, Ironman or Internationally “Oceanman”, merge the four primary disciplines of surf lifesaving into one race, with some of the best athletes in the world all on the same beach.

For 17 year-old Chasen Dubs, the four time State Title winner at Riverview High School, has always had a calling for this type of intense competition.

“I just do what I can to get out there fast and have no waves break on you, that’s my whole priority.”

Christopher adopted Chasen, and as he describes it, it couldn’t have worked out any better.

“Having Chasen in my life as a single father has been unbelievable. He has opened my life up to opportunities that I would have never had as a parent. And to be able to foster somebody who has a natural talent, I think it was just a match made in heaven.”

Chasen competed in his first life guard competition when he was twelve years old, winning the Iron Guard. And since then, it has been full steam ahead, including the opportunity to compete in the sports birthplace, Australia

“How much work they put into it, how much they love it… It’s a life over there, lifeguarding over there is like football here in America.”

There is one thing that sets this sport apart from all others:

“The main part where this sport has started from is that this sport is one of the only sports that trains for saving lives.”

Chasen participated in the United States Lifesaving Association National championship at Virginia Beach this August, and achieved the title of USLA under 19 National Champion.

Thanks to his performance Chasen will now be heading to Adelaide, Australia on November 17th, to represent the United States in the World Surf Rescue Championship.

“When you go to Australia to compete with them it’s almost impossible. They start when they are three years old and by the time they are 12 they are world champions.

A swimmer, a surfer, a runner and an ocean skier, representing the United States out of Venice Florida. Chasen Dubs will never forget his roots.

“I have to thank HLA, the Hampton lifeguard association, the chapter I compete for, I would never go to another team that’s the best team you could possibly ask for.”

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