SARASOTA – The 46th vice–president of the United States, Dick Cheney, spent some time on the Suncoast Monday discussing a wide variety of topics. Of course, that included our newly elected president’s administration.

“I think they’re off to a pretty good start. Do I agree with everything? No, buy I’ve never agreed with everything various presidents have supported,” says Cheney.

In fact, when he was first asked to be vice–president, he turned it down until, then Governor Bush, told him he was the solution to his problems.

“He gave a great deal of thought to having a vice–president who would be a substantive role in his administration. One who wouldn’t just do funerals and fundraisers,” says Cheney.

He also spoke highly of the new VP.

“I give President Trump credit. I think picking Mike is one of the best choices he’s made and I think Mike’s on his way to being a very significant element,” says Cheney.

Vice–President Cheney was a significant element himself during the Bush presidency with his involvement in national security following 9/11, one he says is more threatened than ever.

“If I look out around the world we live in a very dangerous time. Maybe the most dangerous time since the end of the Cold War,” says Cheney.

He says more emphasis needs to be put on establishing our military as the power it is. With special operations playing a vital role and the rebuilding of our armed forces should be on top of the to–do list.

“We also need to be able to re–enforce the notion that the United States has the military to take on all comers. That’s now, to some extent, in doubt with what’s happened to our military in recent years. So, the first priority moving forward is to rebuild the military,” says Cheney.

He then gave his opinion on if president is a good fit for a Republican Commander in Chief.

“He was the guy who went out and put his name on the battled in all those primaries. He showed up at the convention, he had the votes, he had the delegates and he won the nomination. That’s how we decide those things,” says Cheney.