Conflict at a school board work session.

The Sarasota School Board must distribute $9.3 million in capital funds from property taxes to charter schools.

That’s up $5.5 million from this year’s budgeted amount that Sarasota County voluntarily gave out, and yesterday conflict erupted throughout the work session between board members who opposed House Bill 7069 and those who felt it could bring about positive changes.

The herald tribune says, a board member had proposed sending a letter to Gov. Scott from the board asking him to veto the bill, but that request ended in disagreement.

Ultimately, the board moved in support of pursuing more cafeteria monitors, looking into a program on behavioral support and intervention and gathering more information on school nurses and hiring more staff to enhance school safety and security.

They will continue to discuss the budget at a meeting July 20 and at two public hearings scheduled for July 25 and Sept. 12.