SARASOTA- On a pit-stop on his campaign trail for Senate, Governor Rick Scott visited PGT Industries in Venice Wednesday afternoon.

Scott spoke to hundreds of employees and supporters in the warehouse of the largest employer in Sarasota County.

He claims since taking office in 2010, PGT almost tripled employment at the Venice facilities.

Scott will challenge Senator Bill Nelson for his seat in November. It will be the first time he runs against an incumbent in his political career.

“When I finish this job as Governor, I want this to be that state, where everybody gets a job, people get a great education, and people can be safe,” Scott said, “It’s been exciting to campaign for the Senate.”

Scott said he came into office when the state of Florida was in trouble, And the Federal Government still isn’t responsive to our needs. He said he’ll do whatever he can to make it work, if elected.

“I’m going to be coming out with plans to ‘Make Washington Work’ I mean, we’ve clearly made Florida work, now it’s time to make Washington work. I love going out and talking to people and listen to their stories,” Scott said.