SARASOTA – Hagan Brody who serves as Sarasota City Commissioner at large says there is a ban that prohibits vending in the streets…

This ban includes ice cream trucks..

Brody tells SNN the city council is leaning toward lifting the ban to allow ice cream trucks and should make a final decision soon.

The conversation on the ban began after he spoke with Eric Garfield, an ice cream truck owner who was told by police he could not operate his ice cream truck any longer.

“It came to me. I did some research and realized that we have a ban on ice cream trucks in the city of Sarasota which I think is ridiculous and quite frankly un-american and I struggle to find anyone who doesn’t have a memory or experience visiting an ice cream truck,” said Brody.

“It’s really a wholesome memory that a lot of people have and share and I want to make sure that kids in our community are getting to experience that same thing.”