SARASOTA-Governor Rick Scott encourages residents to take advantage of living in the ‘Fishing Capital of the World’.

Last weekend Governor Scott deemed, license–free freshwater fishing in gulf waters.

Beginning Monday, fishermen are granted a 40-day red snapper season in Gulf and Federal waters through July 20th.

Sherman Baldwin owner of Hart’s Landing said he hasn’t seen a red snapper season this long in years.

“Red Snapper is a highly-coveted fish and being able to have 40 days to fish it out of Florida and Federal waters is a real bonus and hopefully it shows that the species is coming back, that’s why they’ve been limiting how many days you can fish for Red Snapper because of over-fishing,” said Sherman Baldwin, Owner of Hart’s Landing, “So maybe this is a sign that they’re coming back and coming back strong.”

Red Snappers caught in the gulf must be 16-inches in length, and limited to 2 per person.