VENICE – Budget time for the city of Venice.

The City Council will meet later this week to dissect the proposed $109.3 million spending package for the coming fiscal year.

“We want to make sure their isn’t any waste number one. We want to make sure that the priorities that are established for the city are taken care of and we want to make sure that we are doing it as economically as we possibly can,” said Mayor John Holic.

Mayor John Holic says the best way to handle the money is to worry about needs more than wants.

“and if we have any extra money, if there are any things that we need to make the city a better city then we can spend it on that, but we want to make sure we cover all of the needs of the city first,” said Holic.

Mayor Holic says funding city departments, like utilities and the airport, are the needs of the city.

The proposed budget includes new fire and police impact fees.

“The city has never charged an impact fee. We have implemented it now. The fee is basically every new house that’s built pays a fee into a bucket, lets say, in the city and that money can be spent for that department,” said Holic.

He says the police impact fee can only be spent with the police department and the fire impact fee can only be spent with the fire department.

The city will maintain its property tax rate of 3.6 mills which still brings in nearly $800K because of increased property values.