SARASOTA – A know your rights event put on by Black Lives Matter touched on topics of what to do when stopped by the police, race relations, and bail reform.

2015 report from the New York Times says of the people currently locked up in this country, 60 percent haven’t been convicted of anything.

Close to 450,000 people who were denied bail and are unable to pay bail are in pretrial detention in the United States.

Even when bail is set at $500 or less, only 15 percent of defendants are able to come up with the money to avoid jail.

Judge Charles E. Williams says an administrative order that may be coming to the Suncoast in the next weeks will help with that.

“We’re going to have a laundry list of certain crimes in which you do not have to post a bond to get out,” said Judge Williams.

These crimes include mainly non-violent crimes.