SARASOTA – Brian Russ commanding officer of the Vietnam Brotherhood Sarasota, shared they ways in which senator John McCain’s life has impacted his.

Russ said senator McCain never forgot his history, morals, or who he was, which in turn made him a stronger person.

From working together with others to giving guidance and helping the American people, Russ said senator McCain will be remembered as being a person that really stood up for the American people and really cared for his country.

He explained, we needed him now more than ever.

“When I look at John McCain, I see a great American that put his country first, his party second. That’s a rare quality today. We need more politicians that feel that when they become elected, they represent us all, they don’t just represent their party, and John McCain never forgot that. To me, he was, it’s a tremendous loss, for John McCain to pass away at this time,” said Russ.

Russ, a fellow Vietnam pilot, said McCain’s heroic past made him realize he could have been in the same position and that McCain’s true resilience really shone through, being able to overcome and then lead.