MANATEE- As students enter the classroom on August 13th, they’ll be required to be up to date on their immunizations, and doctor’s offices are getting busy.

Time is running out for students to receive these vaccinations before the first bell rings.

“The best time is now,” Donna Priest said. “To get in and get the vaccinations before there is any restriction for them entering into school.” It’s getting busier and busier, getting closer to school.”

Staying healthy is an essential part of performing well in school, which is why the Florida Department of Health is offering free immunizations and physicals at just 25 dollars.

“Coming into school, they are always exposed to different things. But, making sure that the children are vaccinated is preventing disease, is preventing the spread of disease. It’s also preventing them from getting thin gs too.”

But Vaccinations are not just important for young students. Community Health Nurse Donna Priest says High Schoolers can start thinking about optional vaccinations.

“When students are moving through High School,” Priest said. It’s not required but it’s a really good time to make sure they are up to date with HPV and also meningitis, which is something that they are starting to really require for college.”

Even if your vaccinations are up to date, a yearly physical can catch medical issues that students may develop as they mature.

“Many changes can occur and also there can be some health issues that can be picked up within these physicals. So it’s always a good idea to make sure that they have one on a yearly basis.”

Priest says if you want to beat the rush for last minute back to school physicals, come in as soon as you can.

“We want to make sure that their first day is successful and that they have the required immunizations and physicals that they need for entrance.”