BRADENTON- Crews are continuing to fix the water main break in downtown Bradenton.

A Frontier Communications contractor was drilling in Downtown Bradenton on Thursday when they drilled through a water main. According to Jim McLellan, director of the City of Bradenton public works department roads will be closed while crews repair the damage.

“Contractors are working on rebuilding a portion of Manatee Avenue that was undermined by the break that occurred yesterday,” he said.

McLellan tells us crews were working on digging up the hole caused by the break when even more damage was caused.

“A large pieces of pavement that had fallen into the hole apparently had damaged another water line that was in the hole, and there created a second leak,” said McLellan.

The cost of the repairs is still unknown but McLellan says it’s the contractor’s responsibility.

“I can tell you we will certainly be seeking for the drilling contractor who drilled the hole through our water main be the one that would end up paying for the costs of this,” he said.

McLellan says a lot of electrical cable, control boxes, street lights and traffic signals were damaged by the water main break. He says the traffic signal on Manatee and 9th St West is being run by a generator while repairs are made.

“I believe it also impacted come of the manatee county coordination cameras so there traffic control center lost some visibility of what’s going on in the downtown area,” said McLellan.

Three blocks of Manatee Avenue are currently closed but McLellan says he’s hoping crews will have at least one or two lanes open before Monday