MANATEE COUNTY – Parrish supporters have won the latest round in a school name fight

The Manatee School Board voted 3–2 last night to initiate a six–month name change process in response to calls from the Parrish community for North River High School to be named for the town where it will sit.

According to the Herald-Tribune, District Superintendent Cynthia Saunders will now notify the board next meeting of all purchases and orders the district needs to make for the school to open in time.

The board will decide then, based on that report, if the cost to delay officially renaming the school is worth it.

The board cannot officially vote to rename the school until February.

The problem for those who oppose the Parrish name is that Crawford Parrish, the town settler, was also a slave owner and they don’t want the new school named after him.