SARASOTA – Each week SNN News Director Craig Burdick takes a few moments of your time to address an issue near a and dear to him that affects the Suncaost. Today Craig remembers Hurricane Irma one year later.


“Hurricane Florence is churning out there in the Atlantic and as I commit these words to paper Monday afternoon, Florence has strengthened to a category four storm. It is expected to hit the Carolinas head-on. One year ago today, Hurricane Irma tore through the Florida Keys as a cat four storm, though when it made landfall in Collier County, it was a mere category three.

Among other things, Irma cut power to two-thirds of Florida’s electric customers. Locally, nearly 70% of customers lost power and some even had to do without water.

All this week, SNN takes a look at Irma Plus One. Look for our stories throughout our broadcast day.

I have lived in the Sunshine State since 1991. Andrew was my first hurricane in 1992. In 2004, I was splitting my time between Orlando and Jupiter, so I managed to get nailed by Charley, Frances and Jeanne.

I raise these factoids as a reminder that all it takes is one storm to make it a really bad hurricane season. We’re in season through the end of November. But, as things stand today, we could see the tropics calm down a bit after Florence. Cross your fingers.

That’s how we view things this week. I’m Craig Burdick, Thanks for watching SNN, THE Suncoast News Network.”