CHARLOTTE- The disappearance a four year old Punta Gorda girl that gripped the Suncoast nearly 20 years ago has finally been resolved.

On Wednesday, 46 year old Keith Wilson was convicted for the murder of Pilar Rodriguez.

In 1999, Wilson was the boyfriend of Melissa Cooper, now Melissa Harding-jones, who was babysitting Pilar. Harding-Jones testified that Wilson punched Pilar with a closed fist and the girl then fell into a wall and died several days later.

Harding-jones said Wilson put the girl’s body in a garbage bag her body was never found.

New information and new witnesses came to light in 2009 Harding-Jones, who testified against Wilson at trial, faces up to 30 years in prison for accessory after the fact.

Wilson can be sentenced to life in prison.

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