CHARLOTTE COUNTY- After almost 20 years The family of Pilar Rodriguez is getting justice, after a man was convicted of second degree murder.

Pilar was reported missing in 1999, and the Cold Case Unit of Charlotte County spent years searching for the truth. Rodriguez disappeared with her then baby– sister Melissa Harding Jones and was never seen again.

“There’s a strong possibility that Pilar’s remains are somewhere not in Charlotte County but perhaps the southern part of the state of Florida, ” said Kurt Mehl, Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office Detective with the Cold Case Unit.

They worked tirelessly to solve the mystery and bring justice to the family.

“It does become personal because we want to put that extra effort into it that we would want someone else to put into it for an investigation that we love that was murdered,” said Cold Case Unit Detective, Michael Vogel.

For years the case sat cold until new evidence, the step cousin of Keith Wilson came forward with vital information, leading to his arrest in 2013.

“He saw a purple foot a child wrapped in the trunk and later when he confronted Keith about it he confirmed that it was the missing girl Pilar Rodriguez and made a statement that she had been suffocated,” said Mehl.

Keith Wilson was found guilty of second degree murder an faces life in prison when he is sentenced December 4th.

The search for Rodriguez’s remains and anyone with information is asked to call the Charlotte County Cold Case Unit at 341-575-5361.