CHARLOTTE COUNTY- The Charlotte county recovery center has helped many people struggling with substance abuse.

A building named in Jay Glynn’s honor for the 36 years he spent advocating for others.

“That’s what it’s all about seeing a person that comes in with problems and helping them to change and get their life together ,” said Jay Glynn.

The Jay Glynn Recovery Center, is a safe place for the many people struggling with opioids and substance abuse. “People get in there they come out if they stay through the detox and treatment, they come out the other side and they change their life.”

Offering detox and residential treatments, the recovery center has helped more than 4,000 people on their road to recovery.

“A lot of our folks come to us very broken and apart from their families and after treatment and after they begin their recovery, they can get their children back and they can get their spouse back, so just very meaningful for the people who need this service so desperately,” said Victoria Scanlon, current CEO at CBHC

Battling the opioid epidemic in our community one step at a time Patients begin in the medically supervised detoxification program.

“We ensure their medical safety and stabilization so that’s the first step in the process and then from that point on they are participating in groups yoga and in their discharge planning process to really figure the next step in their recovery,” said Scanlon.

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