SARASOTA- Humidity and rain is a haven for mosquito season in Florida.

“Mosquitoes can breed in a bottle cap of water or less,” said Pallas Knight, Director of Operations at Cloud Termite and Pest Control.

Standing water can be a threat of mosquito–borne diseases for residents. Gov. Rick Scott told CBS in January, the state is taking preventative measures this year, allocating a $26.2 million budget.

With no cure or vaccine, Knight said you can prepare right at home.

“Any standing water needs to be removed from your property,” Knight said. “If you can’t remove it You can get mosquito dunks or Larvacide.”

Some can be found in unsuspecting places.

“They hide underneath leaves, so you want to make sure your plants are not too out of control,” she said.

A summer backyard get together should include bug spray and/or an insect trap. Although no Zika virus cases are reported on the Suncoast this year, Knight said it’s important for residents to stay educated.

“According to some reports, around 55% of people take no preventative action from mosquitoes which is kind of scary. It’s really important that you and your neighbor take care of mosquitoes to manage any diseases or anything that could come out of that,” she said.