PUNTA GORDA- Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office needs the public’s help to determine the events that led to 4 people being shot at a Birthday Party early Sunday morning.

911 reports of gunshots at 2:30 AM Sunday Morning at the Harbor Heights Civic Association led Charlotte County Sheriff’s Deputies to a chaotic scene.

“When deputies responded as they were arriving on scene,” Heck said. “Approximately at least 50 vehicles were departing the scene as they were arriving, there were people exiting the scene it was a very fluid situation.”

Deputies searched for gunshot victims who also fled the scene.

“Two transported themselves via friends to local hospitals,” Heck said. “Two more went to local hotels and then called for assistance.”

Two of the victims were airlifted to Lee County as trauma alerts. All Four are expected to recover.

Detectives are still trying to determine what led to the disturbance at the Birthday Party, an event with several DJ’s open to the public.

“At this point if they were even attending the event,” Heck said. “Them coming forward so detectives can speak to them about other things they may have observed that evening, it’s very important that they come forward so we can start filling in the gaps of the picture of the entire evening.”

During the investigation, Detectives found flyers for more events hosted by the same group coming up.

“That’s really the reason that there is a sense of urgency to solve this,” Heck said. ‘Because they are going to have future events there, and we want to make sure that we understand why this disturbance happened, so the same type of disturbance happens again at future events.”

Anyone with information can contact the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office or Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers at 1-800-780-TIPS.

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