PUNTA GORDA – LGBTQ community members and friends of Londonn Moore; coming together in the face of violence.

“The last thing we want to see is her memory of the person she lived as being unknown or disregarded,” said supporter Lisa Trejo.

“We needed to in the midst of this story, that’s sort of happening, just honor her individually, and so that’s what we wanted to do, together,” said Executive Director of ALSO Youth Nathan Bruemmer.

Honoring lives lost in the transgender community, at Laishley Park.

“Well we hope that this vigil will once again shine a light on the violence that is happening against the transgender community,” said Director of Transgender Equality of Equality Florida Gina Duncan.

“It’s so important that they’re known and respected and understood,” said Trejo.

North Port Police Department found Moore shot to death on September 8th; officials believe Moore was traveling from Fort Meyers to Tampa, and are still investigating the murder.

According to Equality Florida, a LGBTQ civil rights group, Moore is the fifth black transgender woman found murdered in Florida, and the 14th in the country.

Director of Transgender Equality of Equality Florida, Gina Duncan says this is an epidemic plaguing the state.

“We see that violence is being perpetrated against transgender people due to ignorance, due to lack of understanding due to lack of knowledge,” said Duncan.

Executive Director of ALSO Youth, Nathan Bruemmer says there’s work to be done.

“We have to solve this crime and get the information out there, make sure our young people feel safe, and this is our community and we’re responsible, we need to hold ourselves accountable that this doesn’t happen here anymore,” said Bruemmer.

North Port Police Department has teamed up with Crime Stoppers and are currently offering a $3,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

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