NORTH PORT – A Punta Gorda teen has been arrested after threatening to shoot everyone at a North Port High School homecoming dance.

19-year-old Anthony Grimaldi, was arrested Thursday after making threats to kill or injure.

North Port Police Department Public Information Officer Josh Taylor says people need to think twice before texting.

“I mean people need to know that if you make these types of threats in today’s world, it’s going to get out and you’re going to get in some significant trouble. It’s nothing to joke around about,” said Taylor.

Taylor says Grimaldi made threats to his girlfriend saying if she went to the homecoming dance and danced with other boys, he would “go there and shoot everyone.”

NPPD reports that Grimaldi also sent Instagram messages to a teenage boy saying, “I’m coming for your head” and there was also a photo stating “I’m coming for you” while he was holding an AR-15 gun.

“It seems at this point that, you know this was somebody who was upset over a girl and said some things and you know at this point we believe there were verbal threats, nothing physical so far in this. I think in this case we’ve done everything correctly as far as looking into it, taking action and making an arrest. I think people should take some comfort in that,” said Taylor.

Conducting a search warrant where Grimaldi was staying, NPPD found a 9mm handgun and an AR-15.

“If it was something he was planning on doing, he didn’t have the weapons any longer. So he didn’t have access to any weapons currently, he didn’t at the time and he doesn’t now. We believe the threat has been managed,” said Taylor.

Grimaldi’s bond has been set at $300,000.