SARASOTA – Public restrooms are coming to Sarasota’s historic St. Armands Circle.

The first of their kind on the circle, Sarasota city commission approved two freestanding public restrooms.

And visitors from all over say the new installments are essential.

“I mean it’s helpful if you’re out shopping and you need to use the facilities, it’s always handy to have somewhere that’s easily accessible,” said UK visitor, Richard Broadley.

With more than 130 restaurants and shops, businesses believe the restrooms are overdue.

“We have a lot of customers come in to our shop, and ask just to use the bathroom,” said Beach Snoballs employee, Stephanie Mamus.

“People need to use the bathroom and if it’s easier to access, it’s going to be a nicer attraction,” said Mamus.

Two unisex restrooms will be built on the island by next spring. One, along John Ringling Blvd and North Washington Drive, and the other, along South Boulevard of the Presidents and Monroe Drive.

Total construction cost is estimated to be around 583,000 dollars and will be covered by the St. Armand’s Business Improvement District.