Residents say the proposed Lido Pavilion redevelopment plan has caught FEMA’s attention.

Overwhelmed by the over development. Lido Key resident and commercial contractor, David Riedlinger says a proposed plan violates FEMA’s “50 percent rule” and puts the city flood insurance at risk.

“You cannot reconstruct a property greater than 50 per cent of the previous tax value of the actual structure,” said Riedlinger.

Riedlinger says the current plan breaks FEMA’s rule by millions of dollars.

However, in a written statement, the city says this specific plan has not been proposed and there are many site improvements that can be done within the 50 percent valuation.

“It’s a set of plans that can never be constructed; it just doesn’t make any sense,” said Riedlinger. “To say you’re going to address it and finesse FEMA later isn’t going to fly. I’ve contacted FEMA I’ve contacted Steve Martin, the case is open and they’re looking into this situation.”

Former city commissioner, Susan Chapman says this current plan for redevelopment is not worth putting homeowners flood insurance at risk.

“We don’t need a Daiquiri Deck at the beach, what we need is low level development that considers the coastal high hazard area,” said Chapman.

Lido Key resident, Sylvia Babineau is afraid this plan will even change the atmosphere she moved here for.

“I don’t want this to turn into a Daytona Beach,” said Babineau. “I’m a resident here I live here I enjoy the laid back feeling.”

Residents say they’re not opposed to redeveloping, they are just opposed to this major plan.

The city says they require FEMA compliance with all building permits, including the pavilion. There will be a public meeting this Wednesday.