SARASOTA – Day after day pictures of dead fish and nasty looking beaches have covered television screens.

“We saw hundreds of fish washed up.”

Many businesses near Suncoast beaches have been hit hard because of red tide. Many have lost income and some their businesses.

“We’ve experience slow season and red tide but this red tide is like a bomb went off man I’m telling you it’s horrible,” said one restaurant owner.

Emergency Management Chief Ed McCrane says while a hurricane and red tide bring different challenges a hurricane causes more destruction.

It impacts hundreds of thousands of people. So I think a hurricane is a bigger impact, red tide is unfortunate, it’s a nuisance, it does affect the economy and the community but it’s not as life threatening as a hurricane can be,” said McCrane

We are still in the peak of Hurricane season but there is not an active threat to Florida. In regards to red tide psychologist Dr. Regnier says all we can do is wait.

“The red tide will go away eventually and it will leave behind some damage then maybe this is where we should have faith help each other and to overcome the trauma,” said Regnier.