Neighbors are concerned and confused. Residents say their street is filled with Sarasota County Deputies, forensic units and even cadaver dogs. Residents do not want to be identified, but say this has been going on for two days now.

“There were over a dozen police vehicle and lots of difference officers investigating across the street over here.”

One neighbor says the previous home owner had several run-ins with the sheriff’s office, but he’s surprised to see investigators here now.

“We haven’t had problems like this. Forensics services is taping off the house and not allowing anyone to get close to it.”

Another neighbor says that same homeowner caused problems all throughout the neighborhood.

“He threatened me on numerous occasions and I almost had to deal with him a couple of times, him and his gang.”

Resident say having a heavy law enforcement presence in this neighborhood is nothing new.

“Not at all because they were here so many times when he was here. He almost had an open line of communication with the sheriff’s because he was wanted so many times.”

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office says they are investigating a very sensitive case and cannot comment at this time. Resident trust they will get to the bottom of it.

“The sheriff’s department doing the fine work that they do are going to do the best to uncover the situation and bring this to a conclusion.”