SARASOTA- A City of Sarasota Employee jazzes up his days on the job through his passion.

Leon Pitts has been an employee with the City for less than a year.

“I am a driver for the Solid Waste Department. I go around an d I get the trash out of the cans on Main Street, St. Armands, Martin Luther King, at the Fredd Atkins Park…,” he said.

His truck is used as transportation…and his audio booth.

“I’m driving and I’m just singing and today, Carlos put on some old school -music, which is like my vain…it’s the way I go down because I always picture myself being like David Ruffin and all those guys from Motown,” he said.

His coworker, Carlos Salcido, rides in the passenger’s seat.

“From 5 in the morning till 2:30, he’s singing. And it actually goes a lot faster. I’m not going to lie, I like some of the songs that he sings, I’m over there like ‘Ok, I like it, sing more, more, more,” Salcido said.

It’s a passion since childhood; Pitts participating in more than 50 shows at the West Coast Black Theatre Troupe.

“I caught the bug, what they call the ‘Theater Bug’,” he said, “I used to sneak and watch Michael Jackson when I was a little kid because my dad, he’s a preacher, he’s an elder so he didn’t play that in his house, but I snuck and I watched it…sorry Dad.”

Since then, Pitts has released his own single, “Hello”, on Souncloud.

“I actually wrote it right after the Trayvon Martin case because I was very scared, very fearful, not as much for myself, but for my son,” he said.

Pitts hopes to put a smile on faces in Sarasota…”And also my passion with singing..that’s just an action, that’s my life, I love to give to people that way. Music heals…” Pitts said.