SARASOTA – It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no its Nadine. In this week’s now hiring Nadine , Nadine is becoming a helicopter pilot.

Nadine is attempting to do in a day what takes weeks of studying.

“It’s a lot of work , it’s a lot of studying there’s actually a lot more book studying and book work than most people think,” said Flight Instructor, Katie Freeman.

Heli Aviation opened in 2012, as a flight school and provides sight-seeing tours, flying lessons and assist local emergency agencies.

“What we typically do is the bambi bucket work so you drop the water bucket with the external load on the helicopter we also do a lot of aerial ignition work with the forestry departments in Florida,” said Operations Manager, Rachel Trimpe.

After a brief training session. Nadine goes into the sky with certified Flight Instructor Manuel Vallaster.

Going up up and away, Vallester hands over the reigns

“I have controls, you have controls, nice and relax just keep your eyes on the horizon,” said Vallester.

Nadine flew a Bell 206 Long Ranger over the City of Sarasota 500 feet in the air.