TAMPA- University of South Florida Geosciences Professor Jennifer Collins, says we can’t deny, that the earth is heating up.

“We have the warming but climate change is more than just the warming but it’s about seeing extremes and I think we’ve seen a lot of that in the last few years,” said Collins.

Major extremes in temperatures as we are seeing longer winter storms and even warmer oceans, but warmer doesn’t always equal more. Collins says research shows the frequencies of hurricanes is not increasing in a warmer world.

“But what is increasing is the strength is the intensity of those stronger hurricanes and the impact of the hurricanes is important with climate change,” Collins explained.

She says more energized storms can have large economic and even emotional impacts and while the subject of climate change can be a controversial topic.

“Regardless of what happens let’s try and be conservative but on an individual level, we can all conserve we can all reduce and our carbon footprint,” said Collins.

Turning off the lights when they’re not needed, being aware of water usage are a couple of examples Collins says could slow down the effects.

Because taking the chance and not making changes could put our world on a devastating path.

“I expect to see in the next few decades more Irma more Maria’s Harvey like storms, said Collins.

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