NORTH PORT- An escalating dispute between North Port Neighbors leaves one man dead, and neighbors asking if it could have been avoided.

“He was arrested, released and now he’s dead,” Neighbor Rick Dickman said. “Somebody should have helped him.”

Just after 10 o’clock Friday Morning, North Port Police responded to a shooting call on the 2500 block of Erie Court.

“Officers arrived on scene,” Deputy Chief Morales said. “And found a subject deceased in a driveway of a neighbor’s house which stemmed from a neighbor dispute.”

62- year-old Carl Stacy Berryman was pronounced dead.

“So right now it’s really too early to tell what led up to all this.” Morales said.

Neighbor Rick Dickman says Berryman started the dispute started almost a month ago.

“According to the neighbors they had a bunch of trash on the curb he was upset had been sitting there so long, and supposedly from what the neighbors told me he caught the trash on fire.”

Dickman says the neighbors caught him on video, and Berryman was nervous they’d go to police.

“Last Friday night,” Dickman said. “Me and the neighbor across the street heard several gunshots around midnight, we both came out, called 911 let them know shots were fired, that’s when allegedly Mr. Berryman fired several rounds into the neighbor’s house, they caught him on surveillance.”

Dickman says Berryman was back the next day, and confronted the neighbors again this morning, where he was shot and killed. Dickman is questioning why he was released.

“I think he should have been evaluated for his mental illness,” Dickman said. “I heard he’s a disabled veteran, he has mental health issues, I believe that he should have been given help, baker acted, something, kept the safety of his neighbors and the public should have come first, and his well-being.”

“Sometimes when people take certain acts to a certain level which are felony related,” Morales said. “Officers have to act on the criminal aspect of that, which at that time prior instances had led to his arrest of discharging a firearm.”

Deputy Chief Chris Morales says it’s still not clear if Friday morning’s incident was self-defense or will result in criminal charges.

“All those charges,” Morales said. “All those facts and incidents are looked at in a case. So that’s why again the detectives, it’s fluid right now, they’re on scene , they’re talking with him, they’re talking with witnesses that saw this incident occur and they’re putting the facts and incidents together.”

Dickman says he thinks this could have been avoided.

“I just kind of feel like the ball was dropped,” Dickman said. “He should have been offered help, or still be in jail.”

North Port Police have not yet released the name of the shooter.