SARASOTA COUNTY – Sarasota residents can now work out and shop at the Sarasota Square Mall.

The YMCA opened its first satellite branch, South Trail Cross Fit Gym on Thursday.

South Trail Cross Fit says the program provides gym goers a combination of weight lifting and conditioning.

Cross Fit held some workout sessions for people to get a taste of what it is like including lifting kettle bells and stomach crunches.

Head Cross Fit coach Jesse Wood says this type of workout has been popular since the early 2000’s.

He expects the program to have a positive impact in the area.

“This benefits the community big time. We don’t have any one of these in Palmer Ranch and the Y does not have a functional training facility like this yet. So this is kind of the first for us in Sarasota so it’s just kind of branching out and reaching different population. Cross Fit can be for everyone. What you see on TV is totally different than what we do in here so it’s definitely a different experience. Anyone can do it. It’s just finding your scale and finding your ability and working within your abilities.”

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