SARASOTA – Each week SNN News Director Craig Burdick takes a few moments of your time to address an issue near and dear to him that affects the Suncaost. Today Craig talks about political rallies.


“I covered the Ron DeSantis rally at Dolphin Aviation on Saturday. He’s running for governor as a Republican against Democrat Andrew Gillum.

I find political rallies a lot of fun. Before political TV commercials, rallies and public appearances were how voters learned about the candidates.

We are a little more than a month away from what many are calling the most important election of our times. So, are we ready to vote?

Doctor William Murin, A political science professor of mine would likely say no. He was fond of saying, “Voting is the single most irrational act Americans engage in.”

At Saturday’s rally, DeSantis said Florida is dependent upon a strong and healthy environment. He promised to work on Everglades restoration and algae discharges.

DeSantis listed specifics on how to fix the environment, which is not the stuff of candidate commercials. There isn’t time.

To Murin’s point: As we approach this election, what do we know about the candidates besides their names and party? And, down ballot, do we even know that much?

Regardless of where you fall within the political spectrum, let’s agree the November sixth election is going to be a big deal. Here at SNN, we will do our best to cover the races beyond the headlines and negative rhetoric. And, here’s a thought, get out to some campaign appearances. I’m all in for showing up at the next Gillum rally. Hope to see you there.

That’s how we view things this week. I’m Craig Burdick. Thanks for watching, SNN, The Suncoast News Network.”

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