SARASOTA- There was no order in Booker High School’s court room when they received a 10,000 donation for the Law Academy. Students were thrilled to see Former Assistant State Attorney DeMone Lee. Lee returned to Sarasota to give back to those interested in law and criminal justice fields.

“To see that kids now have somewhat of an idea of what they are going to get in to once they make that decision,” said Lee. “To invest so much time and resources, and make such sacrifice in order to achieve that goal of becoming a lawyer. I just felt compelled to give as much as I could.”

Law Academy Coordinator, Ryan Kelley pushes his students to work together, put in research and even holds mock trials. Students become the attorneys presenting their case.

“We are truly a place where students come and find their passion through law related education,” said Kelley. “We try to position them for the best possible manner of success for them and the next lever, whatever that may be.”

Kelley says his students get hands on experience, which in this field is invaluable.

“You get to see students really come alive,” said Kelley. “They’re given the opportunity to practice what they want to do for their future.”

Although Lee attended Sarasota High School, he says his ties to Booker High School inspired him to donate.

“I think for the community to be able to see lawyers who look like them who can set an example for them at early age,” said Lee. “They know to avoid certain things to achieve that goal.”