SARASOTA – Your memory often changes as you get older, but memory loss that disrupts your daily life is not a part of aging. It could be dementia. Let’s discuss 10 warning signs you should pay attention to.

“Many of us come home we’ve got our bag on our shoulder, we’ve got kids to feed, we put our keys down, and we can’t find them.”

Being extremely forgetful is not the only sign of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Some people who have Alzheimer’s disease will also experience challenges in completing familiar tasks like paying bills or buying an item.

“They’ve written checks and then a week later don’t recall and then a week later accuse a family member of stealing that money,”

The Alzheimer’s Association says dementia and Alzheimer’s can impact your eye sight and the way you understand visual images and spatial relationships.

“so parking in a parking garage. They realize there’s space, but they don’t have that special simplicity like somebody like you and I so they turn and they slide up against a car. Also they have a higher risk of fall because of that special proximity. There’s changes that occur in the eyes and visual so a lot of that we will see as signs,”

Alzheimer’s is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States.