SARASOTA – You walk out of the nail salon polished and pretty with a fresh new color to show off, but it comes at a cost. We’re not talking about your wallet; we’re talking about your health.

Who knew manicures could be hazardous to your health? Michele Schlossberg and her husband Mark opened Paint Nail Bar in Downtown Sarasota two years ago, when they saw a need for safe and affordable nail care.

“Prior to opening Paint my nails, my mother’s nails, and every other woman that I knew [their] nails were destroyed from gel manicures.” Michele says the ingredients are to blame.

“They have formaldehyde and other harmful ingredients that are really damaging to the nails, on top of the way that it’s removed,” says Michele.

Her and her husband Mark found a solution.

“Our standard is that all of our polishes have to be 5 or 8 free,” says Michele. Meaning, they don’t have the top 5 carcinogenic chemicals. “Camphor, toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and then another ingredient called TPP which has been recently actually shown to be absorbed in the bloodstream.”

Here’s the good news, “They can still have chic beauty without the toxic chemicals,” says Michele, and there are plenty of healthy brands like Zoya or Bio Seaweed Gel.

“It’s also water based and it has vitamins E and K in it, so we have literally transformed hundreds, thousands of women’s nails,” says Michele.

She claims these types of polish are even OK for pregnant women and young children to use. “Paint is a completely safe place for them to come and also for them to bring their children,” says Michele. “Their daughters, their sons, whomever would like to get manicures and pedicures.”

For more information about Paint Nail Bar and the products they offer, visit their website.