SARASOTA – You’re loved one is in the hospital, your racing to be by their side, but you find yourself lost and helpless in the halls. With brand new technology, Sarasota Memorial Hospital is hoping to prevent that from ever playing out.

“You tap the screen, you click on the directory, pick where you need to go, and the map comes up and shows you your path to get you to your destination,” explains Tricia Mazzola, the Director of Marketing at LogicJunction, one of the companies who worked to create the app.

The “SMH Wayfinder” app is the first in the nation, designed by LogicJunction and Indoor Atlas. “Instead of satellite, which doesn’t always work indoors, it uses a digital compass inside the phone and a magnetic footprint inside buildings to pin–point your exact location,” says David Verinder, the President and CEO of Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

Since I spend a lot of time in the hospital covering SNN’s It’s Your Health segment, I decided to try the app and see just how user friendly it really is. Starting in the lobby, SMH Wayfinder sent me to the elevator and second floor problem free.

“It’s smart it’s intuitive, it’s reliable, and it gets you to where you need to go,” says Mazzola.

In a 1.5 million square foot hospital, the hope is to make your visit as painless as possible. “We’re proud to pioneer this new technology and hope it will be a model for other hospitals around the United States,” says Verinder.